Itineraries: Pilgrims 2.0

Pilgrims 2.0 The pilgrims of the twenty-first century, though moved by faith, certainly have great advantages over their predecessors ... A medieval pilgrimage of the twelfth century, of course, involved a lot of risk and it was not uncommon that it was a real "life mission", in preparation which was done frequently testament, considering that the return was not insured.
Today, the conditions are definitely more reassuring; a pilgrimage is characterized by physical fatigue of the journey on foot with a backpack on the shoulders, but it also becomes an experience of discovery, immersion and contact with nature, an excuse to visit, meet and enter into contact with a renewed spirituality.
In recent years, the pilgrimages seem to enjoy an increased need of spirituality that can be satisfied by a moving experience and all-encompassing as a journey through nature help sto rediscover the faith.
We propose three wonderful routes through the province of Forlì-Cesena, in search of places of faith and the discovery of sites of history, landscapes of great beauty and holy places and of our history ...
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