Traditional desserts

Traditional desserts Like the rituals which, as we have mentioned before, have left their mark on popular Romagnol cooking, the tradition of making sweets and desserts for ceremonies (festivals, baptisms, confirmations, weddings) has left a sweet trail even today in our towns, villages and countryside.
Some examples are Bracciatello (brazadel: biscuits with a hole in the middle to put on children’s fingers); Bustreng (whose name goes back to barbaric times) a cake whose recipe is a jealously guarded secret by the housewives of Borghi (there are 32 ingredients but only 20 of them are common knowledge) and is celebrated on the second Sunday of May; Pagnotta (Easter cake) which is celebrated with a festival in Sarsina but which the people of Mercato Saraceno claim to have invented; Migliaccio (è Miaz , made with pig’s blood), a traditional winter cake.