The area of Meldola, before the Roman domination, was a meeting place for Umbrian, Gallic and even Etruscan populations.
Meldola is located at the entrance of the Bidente’s Valley: just downstream of its Ponte dei Veneziani, that the Bidente river, born from ridge spurs of the Appennino, changes its name in Ronco.
Meldola is today a very active  and industrialized centre, thanks to the contiguity of developing areas of Romagna plain.

  • Town Hall: tel. 0543 499411
  • Pro Loco: tel. 0543 490001
  • G.E.N.M. (Gruppo Entomologico Naturalistico Meldolese), Piazza Orsini 12: tel. 0338 7492760  
  • The main square, dedicated to Felice Orsini, with his native house (brick façade), Loggiato Aldobrandini (double loggia of 1609) and the Town Hall;
  • The massive fortress of the eleventh century, with elegant balconies and courtyard, under restoration;
  • Cappella del Crocifisso dell’ex-ospedale: Gothic style (dating from 1417), with decorated apse;
  • The Ponte dei Veneziani, dates back to 1503, during the brief rule of Venice;
  • The restored and charming Teatro Dragoni, a jewel of the first half of the last century,  with only 300 seats, for  drama and operetta seasons lovers.
  • Walking or mountain-bike tour to Castelnuovo’s  tower’s ruins (already present in 915) which, with its beautiful wood, dominates the entrance of the river Voltre;
  • Bike tour in the Scardavilla’s wood, regional nature reserve;
  • The village of Teodorano, Castrum Thodorani, at 10 Km, on a hilltop enclosed within the walls as it was centuries ago; the area between Valdinoce and Pieve di Rivoschio, fascinating wild area;
  • Cycling: the municipal area is crossed by the "Nove Colli" tour.


Piazza Felice Orsini, 29 -  47014 Meldola

0543 499411