Handmade fresh pasta

Handmade fresh pasta Whether we speak of the traditional cuisine or new local cuisine, in Romagna handmade pasta is the main dish of any meal, so much so that in the past were called "the corn of mankind".
With a clear preference for pasta made with eggs, in the past its preparation was the yardstick by which the husband and mother-in-law measured the quality of the young bride.

"To make the pastry - Corrado Contoli writes - is not so easy. First of all, the dough must be consistent, firm, somewhat elastic, which requires long and vigorous rimenare; then flattening, that the thinning with the rolling pin which demands strong hand, watchful eye, sense of measure: since the sheet must be pulled more or less fine depending on the type of soup that you want to prepare".
And then there's another requirement encoded with the conventional wisdom of the proverb that says: "To make a good pastry / the "Azdora" has to moove well her bottom."
One aspect that strengthened the predilection of Romagna for home made ??pasta - so careful with food and sex - as Gianni Quondamatteo wrote: "See, of course, from behind, a beautiful woman, the beautiful hips, which makes the dough is always an edifying spectacle that reconciles with his life .. ".
Also because with that dought are made Cappelletti, garganelli, pappardelle, strichetti, lasagne and maltagliati that make your eyes shine just to name a Romagna.