Castrum Britinori under the reign of Ottone III, had the title of County. The origin of the name "Bertinoro" comes from popular legends, but the historically ascribed version refers to British pilgrims, later worshiped as protectors of the city.
Bertinoro, in the high part of the centre, has preserved its original medieval aspect, with charming cobbles streets along the walls.
The Colonna delle Anella is the symbol of the town and the traditional hospitality of Romagna.
Bertinoro, “Balcony of Romagna”, with its slopes secularly suited to Albana vines, houses today a modern residential university centre and it has an important spa centre in Fratta Terme.

Town Hall, Piazza della Libertà, 1: tel. 0543 469111
Tourist Information Office UIT: Bertinoro tel. 0543 469213
Equipped camper area: Near the pitch (via Superga) - Fratta Terme
  • Piazza della Libertà (main square);
  • The Colonna delle anelle (Column of the Rings);
  • The Cathedral;
  • The Interfaith Museum and the Fortress of Barbarossa;
  • The Parish of Saint Donato in Polenta.
  • Walking in the medieval town centre of Bertinoro, until the “Giardino dei Popoli” and the Fortress (for centuries Episcopal seat, now university seat);
  • Bicycle or walk tours among the vineyards;
  • Walking in the charming Roman period park of Terme della Fratta;
  • Cycling: scenic route of Bertinoro hills (it is one of the most competitive route of  Nove Colli!);
  • Swimming and water sports activities at the outdoor pool of Fratta Terme (Sports Centre);
  • Indiana Park in Fratta Terme. 
  • Afternoons of Glass: between December and February
  • Wine and Flavours Route: on the first or second Saturday in June
  • Women in Jazz Blues: July
  • JCE-Summer Music Festival: August
  • Hospitality Feast: the first week of September

P.zza della Libertà, 1 -  47032 Bertinoro

0543 469111  - 0543 444486