The town of Borghi consists of three ancient communities, independent until the end of 1700 (Poggio de Borghi, San Giovanni in Galilea and San Martino in Converseto). The settlements were formed between the sixth and ninth century, becoming fiefs of Malatesta and Sassatelli and finally, in the middle of '600, owned by the Holy See.
Near the "border" between the Province of Forlì-Cesena and the new Province of Rimini, Borghi is the hilly projection of the ridge that ascends from the plain between Savignano and Santarcangelo: scenic route between the valleys of Rubicon and Uso rivers.
San Giovanni in Galilea is an extraordinary natural balcony overlooking the plains and the fortresses of Montebello, Torriana, Verrucchio and San Marino.
• Town Hall: Piazza Lombardini, 7 - Borghi, tel 0541 947405-947411
• Pro Loco Borghi: Piazza Costa, 13 tel. 0543 947730
In Borghi:
• Tank Malatesta
• St. Cristoforo Church
• St. Croce Church
• Malatesta walls, which surrounded the small town of Borghi
 In San Giovanni in Galilea:
• Renzi Museum (tel. 939 028 0543)
• Malatesta Fortress and Tower's remains
• Ruins of the old Parish closed in 1741
• Private Rural Life Museum: full of objects, operating  materials and equipments
(tel. 939 128 0541, Mr. Urbini)
The area of San Giovanni in Galilea offers charming views overlooking the sea and the mountains. There is also a hilly road system with lots of paths equipped for walkers in search of raperonzolo, and other wild herbs.
Informazioni Lombardini, 8 -  47030 Borghi

0541 947411 - 0541/947405  - 0541 947612