Perhaps the name has Latin origins: duo-Vadora (inhabited space between two fords). Nowadays Dovadola still preserves the old Florentine village with orthogonal topography, located between the bed of the river and the Conti Guidi’s castle (the "Roccaccia", XII sec.), which stands on the top of a cliff rising from the valley floor; equipped with a tower and fortress, it is a fine example of medieval architecture: a restoration project is in progress.
White truffle’s area of Romagna (Tuber magnatum), Dovadola celebrates in the weekends of October, the highlight festival, which culminates with the crowning of the "Gold Truffle”, a prize to the discoverer of the largest tuber. In the Sanctuary of Montepaolo (where, in 1221, St. Anthony of Padua stayed for several months in prayer inside a cave) a relic taken from the body of the saint was brought from Padova.
• Town Hall: tel. 0543 934764
• Pro Loco: tel. 0543 933200
• Sanctuary Hermitage of Monte Paolo: tel. 0543 934723
• Benedetta Bianchi Porro Foundation: tel. 0543 934493
  • The "walled" city, of Florentine style, accessible from the arch under the civic tower
  • The Abbey of St. Andrea, one kilometer from the centre, founded by Cluny monks in the twelfth century
  • Benedetta Bianchi Porro Foundation: works by painters and sculptors, in testimony to the existence of Benedetta from Dovadola, beatification in progress (the mortal remains are preserved in the Abbey of St. Andrea) 
  • Walking and hiking on the hills of Montepaolo, the Hermitage area (beautiful views)
  • Visit of Montepaolo Hermitage (7 km of asphalt road, coming from Forli to the right of SS 67, before the centre of Dovadola): we climb in a green and solitary area, particularly suited for meditation. Here you can find the "Hope path" and you can visit the cave where St. Anthony prayed
Informazioni della Vittoria, 3 -  47013 Dovadola

0543 934764  - 0543 934703