Meat and cold cuts

Meat and cold cuts The delicious, celebrated meat found in Romagna comes from the Razza Bovina Romagnola (Romagnol Cattle Breed) for beef; and from the Mora Romagnola (Dark Romagnol) for pork, named after the pigs’ characteristic dark skin. Sheep (who give us the legendary mutton) graze in flocks on the hills of the upper Rubicon in particular. All these meats are extraordinary, perfect for creating tasty sauces and dishes served in the restaurants, trattorias and ‘osterie’ in the area. What’s more, the meat is well-known for the varieties of other packed products we can get (celebrated at the festival of Mercato Saraceno at the beginning of May): so the legacy of the pig, that extraordinary animal (pòrc, baghen, baghin, depending on where you live), is still very much alive in the countryside of Romagna.