Galeata is located in the upper valley of the Bidente. The town is dominated by the abbey of St. Ellero, for some centuries seat of spiritual and administrative power of the Apennines area. Galeata also boasts two archaeological sites of great importance: the Roman city of Mevaniola (currently visible:part of the thermal building and the theatre) and Theodoric’s Palace (hypothetical hunting residence of Goths king, with a superb spa facility). Of note, the village of Pianetto, with characteristic sandstone buildings and the beautiful Monastery of Minorites.

• Town Hall: Via Castellucci 1 (tel. 0543 975428-29 Culture Office)
• Pro loco Mevaniola of Galeata: 335 397248
• Theodoric Association, Via Cenni 10 (tel. 0543 981055)
• Abbey of St. Ellero: on the top of a panoramic hill, three kilometers from the centre of Galeata, it was built after the fall of the Roman Empire by the hermit Ellero (to mention, the Romanesque portal and the high medieval crypt with the sarcophagus of the Saint)
• Church of St. Maria dei Miracoli and the Monastery of Minorites, built at the end of the fifteenth century in pure Tuscany Renaissance style. Since 2004 the convent houses the Mons. Domenico Mambrini Town Museum
• Mons. Domenico Mambrini Town Museum: at the Monastery of Minorites of Pianetto, it preserves precious prehistoric (small equestrian bronze statue of the seventh century BC), roman (very rare honorary key of Mevaniola), and medieval (marble relief depicting the meeting between St. Ellero and Theodoric) artifacts.
• From the centre of Galeata, scenic walk to the Abbey of St. Ellero along the historic path of the "cells"
• From Galeata, or directly from the church of Pianetto, hike or bike to the ruins of Mevaniola, the Theodoric’s Palace and the church of St. Maria del Pantano (area north of the town)
Tortelli alla lastra, mushrooms, truffles, cold cuts and cheeses (raviggiolo) at the restaurants of the area.
• Feast of the Epiphany with floats and fireworks: 5th January  
• Festival of the Stridolo, with delicacies served with the typical wild grass: last Sunday of April
• May in St. Ellero, Sundays at the abbey with religious and cultural events and small market around the church
• Feast of the Madonna dell’Umiltà: the first weekend of August
• Feast of the Madonna dei Miracoli and Figs Festival of Pianetto: 8th September (and previous days)
• Horse and Foal Fair of 2nd November (and previous days), village fair and horse and foal exhibition market.
• Nativity under the arches in the cloister of Pianetto: December / January

Via Castellucci, 1 -  47010 Galeata

0543 975411  - 0543 981021