ALDO SPALLICCI AND HIS ROMAGNA He was one of the true spiritual fathers of Romagna, a land he loved so deeply.
He devoted his life to the idea of Romagna, its people, the memories and traditions of the area, making soul of folklore, literary and historical studies in the two magazines, which he founded and directed, Il Plaustro and La Piê.
Famous are his "cante" set to music by Francesco Balilla Pratella and Cesare Martuzzi, always in the repertoire of Canterini Romagnoli. He published scientific works and several studies on "the medicine in Latin classics."
Son of a doctor (he was born in Santa Maria Nuova di Bertinoro), Aldo Spallicci was also a pediatrician of great value. Senior lecturer, he practiced with selfless passion. He felt strongly the political commitment and dedication to the duties of a citizen, "Mazziniano" in the depths of the soul, made of the combination of "thinking and doing" the law of his life. He fought for the freedom of Greece, France and in the Great War. Following his ideals with absolute consistency, faced sacrifices, imprisonment and exile. Represented the Republican party in the Constituent Assembly and at the Senate he was also High Commissioner added to health.
Among his historical writings are particularly important the biographies of Aurelio Saffi and Antonio Fratti, his diaries, the writings on the expedition in Greece (1912) and of the martyrs and heroes of the war and the Resistance.
 He dead in Premilcuore in 1973, until the last writing essays and articles dedicated to the beloved land.
Just like Spallicci, another character who deeply loved his country, devoting his entire life to the rediscovery of traditions, culture and history of the Romagna was Alteo Dolcini: Spallicci and Dolcini were significantly described as "father and son" and Alteo Dolcini has effectively "made??" associations, events: the “Consorzio per la Tutela dei Vini Tipici Romagnoli”, the” Cà de Bé”, the” Cà de Ven”, the “Cà de Sanzves”, the “Tribunato di Romagna”, the “Società del Passatore”...