Cheeses of Romagna

Cheeses of Romagna The cheese-making tradition in Romagna is very ancient: in the first Century d.C. we can already find some informations about the production of "Cacio" with a round shape made from raw sheep's milk curd.
Many variants are still produced: between soft cheeses very important are Squacquerone DOP, "Raviggiolo (Slow Food) and Casatella; while among the hard cheeses we can remenber: Formaggio di Fossa DOP (cheese aged on tufa pits) that can be produced entirely with cow's milk, only sheep's or with a mixture of both and Caciotta (semi-mature: it presents a sweet taste and with a soft consistence, aged: spicier with a darker exterior color). 
Some variants are the Pecorino Matured in red wine, and the Pecorino with walnuts whose maturation takes place under the walnut leaves, which absorb a particular taste.