Separated from the ancient Predappio (from 1936 Predappio Alta), the town is the testimony of Benito Mussolini’s commitment to promote the places that gave him birth.
On the 30th August 1925 the small plain hamlet called Dovia became municipal capital (New Predappio) with the singular urban structure and architecture created by the architects of the Fascist regime. Some  buildings (including Rocca delle Caminate, Caproni aircraft establishments and the Casa del Fascio) will be part of a restoration project, with the purpose of historical and cultural studies.
  • Town Hall: tel. 0543 921711
  • Tourist Information Office: tel. 0543 921770
  • Comunità Montana: tel. 0543 922622
  • Pro Loco: tel. 0543 922787
  • Native house of B. Mussolini: exhibition " La Romagna del duce in cartolina";
  • Parish Church of St. Anthony from Padova, and the homonymous square;
  • Parish Church and Romanesque crypt of San Cassiano in Pennino, dating back to the X and XI century (Byzantine decorations);
  • Romanesque Church of St. Augustine: inside, ancient frescoes, including "The Dance of Death";
  • Oratory of St. Rosa (“La Madonna del Fascio” e “La Madonna del Libro”);
  • Castle and medieval village of Predappio Alta:
  • The old hand-loom of 1835, still working (art workshop, Predappio Alta);
  • Wine cellar CA 'DE Sanzves and museum in the centre of Predappio Alta.
  • Walking and hiking around Rocca delle Caminate (road to Meldola: charming views);
  • Summer baths in the Rabbi river: at the beach “in té fiom”, beach umbrellas area in Tontola;
  • Cycling: from Predappio Alta, routes to Pieve Salutare or Rocca San Casciano.

Piazza S.Antonio, 3 -  47016 Predappio

0543 921738  - 0543 923417