​DISCOVERY ROMAGNA SANGIOVESE WINE AND ITS LOCAL NUANCES... Retracing in some day the amazing and complex galaxy of Sangiovese di Romagna with all its magnificent and surprising regional and zonal nuances. Discover for which reason there is a precise relationship between soil, sun exposure of the vines, clones, and the final taste of the wine.
Even in a relatively small area such as that between Imola and Rimini, it is possible to realize these differences. Not only wine ... go to ... paintings of Romagna!
Not only wine ... go for ... canvas of Romagna!
There are 10 printers of the legendary hand-printed canvas of Romagna, disseminated in the three provinces of Romagna: go therefore to find these wonderful workshops accompanying the visits to the rediscovery of variegated “enclave” of Sangiovese Romagna ... a thrilling experience for the eyes and the palate!

2 nights - 3 days € 450,00
Included car rental from/to Bologna airport, for all the journey (pickup and delivery at the airport of Bologna)
WHEN until 12.31.2016 
WHERE The hillside of Romagna
RURAL TASTE MUSEUMS INVOLVED Regional Winehouse (Dozza); MET- Ethnographic Museum (Santarcangelo)

Prices of the package holidays to be confirmed on booking request according to availability.

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