Since ancient times Mercato Saraceno is remembered as the place of markets; situated in a strategic crossroad in the middle of the Valle del Savio. From the Onesti’s family, then the town passed to the archbishops of Ravenna, who held it until the early years of the nineteenth century. The area was a historically important centre for sulfur and gypsum extraction, although farming, a still lively sector, has always prevailed.
The historic centre of Mercato Saraceno is in close symbiosis with its river: it is organized into three terraces, in a daring loop characterized by the spectacular deep cliff: a natural and town planning spectacle.
  • Town Hall: Piazza Mazzini 50, tel. 0547 699711
  • Culture - Social Services – Sport Office, tel. 0547 699722
  • Pro Loco: Via Garibaldi 11
  • Parish of Monte Sorbo: in a charming serenity context, 7 kilometers from the town centre, difficult to date, however, very ancient; in the masonry you can see sculptural fragments of the sixth, eighth and ninth centuries.
  • Palazzo Dolcini: Art Nouveau style work of art of 1924, with soft colors, it is now seat of the  theatre and the multi-cultural center
  • Church of the Madonna del Ponte Vecchio: dominated by the majestic cliff, it dates back to 1557
  • Parish Church: upstream Mazzini Square, it contains two seventeenth-century works of the painter of Cesena C. Serra.
  • Cycling: the area of Mercato Saraceno is crossed from the path of the "Nove Colli", in the beautiful and challenging Linaro-Ciola-Mercato S.-Barbotto-Serra stretch, with villages perched on the cliffs
  • By canoe or kayak: Location Montecastello (South of Mercato), area equipped with picnic and barbecue
  • Natural watchings: in Monte Falcino, rapacious fly over charming gullies.

Piazza Mazzini, 50 -  47025 Mercato Saraceno

0547 699711  - 0547 90141