The origin of Roncofreddo and the reasons for its name are uncertain.
The town populated around the year 1000, but its heyday was during the rule of the Malatesta, in the thirteenth century.
Thanks to its geographical location (hills with views over the plains and the sea) Roncofreddo and lots of the neighboring villages of Malatesta preserve a castle or a fortress, around which it is still clinging the small village. The urban centre of Roncofreddo is on the eastern side of an incredibly wild area, where nature overflows in the valleys and gorges crossed by rivulets and streams (one of these sites is known as Gorgoscuro).
  • Town Hall: tel. 0541 949211/949190
  • Pro Loco Roncofreddo: tel. 0541 949210
  • Pro Loco Monteleone: tel. 0541 949826
  • The Castle of Sorrivoli Association: tel. 0547 326035
  • Oratory of  Madonna dei Trotti, in the centre of Roncofreddo;
  • Parish of St. Paula, dedicated to the holy who died here at the age of fifteen, in the VI century AD
  • Castle of Sorrivoli: the fortress and the tower,  perfectly preserved;
  • The Castle of Monteleone, with the ancient stairs, shines inside the walled village;
  • Malatesta temple of Montecodruzzo (1572), rectangular building with an only nave and a magnificent facade, with adjoining panoramic cloister (m. 439 m asl)
  • Walking around the historic centres and the sheep-tracks;
  • With  bike or mountain bike, tour of Roncofreddo districts: Monteleone-Sorrivoli-Diolaguardia-Oriola-Montaguzzo-Montecodruzzo

Via C. Battisti, 93 -  47020 Roncofreddo

0541 949211  - 0541 949444