The territory of Tredozio municipality, is mainly bordered by the valley of the Tramazzo river, but (for a substantial part) it extends also to the widest and more important Montone one.
It is part of the so-called “Romagna-Toscana”, of which it preserves lots of social, historical and cultural traits.
The first historical information concerning the territory of Tredozio date back to the Byzantine-Ravennate period: some official documents evidence the existence of the Church of St. Valentino since the year 562.
"Castrum Treudacium" is mentioned for the first time in 925 and it represents the first core of the current Tredozio Municipality.
Since 1428 it was submitted to Florence rule, and for centuries it was the frontier between Tuscany and the Papal States.
In 1923, with Benito Mussolini, the area of Tredozio became part of the Province of Forlì.
Tredozio is one of the 12 municipalities that constitute the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona and Campigna, of which  it houses  a visitor centre dedicated to capriolo (roe deer), the widespread friendly mammal of Romagna hills.
  • Town Hall: Via dei Martiri, 1- 47019, tel. 0546 943 937
  • Municipal Information Point and Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona and Campigna Visitor Centre : Via XX Settembre, 62 - 47019, tel. 333 8827033, e-mail 
  • Church of St. Andrea in Pereta, 5 km from Tredozio, on the Provincial Road between Tredozio, M. Busca and Portico.
  • First founded in 893, the church was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1661; only the wall part in which the Crucifix was hanging survived to it. The Church was rebuilt by parishioners who decided to celebrate a feast to remember the incident. Every third Sunday of September the Crucifix is brought in procession. Inside: the Crucifix – wood work of art of XVI century.
  • Parish church of St. Maria in Castello, 5 km from Tredozio, on the Municipal road connecting Tredozio to Rocca San Casciano.It is an old medieval, perfectly restored parish church, built on the ruins of a castle, the “Castrum Collinae”, situated on the top of a hill, at 678 mt. above the sea level, and abandoned at the end of the 13th century. At the end of the 60s, near the church, excavation works have brought to light some archaeological finds dating back to the last Bronze Age (1200 B.C.), some of which are preserved at the entrance of the Town Hall and can be seen in the opening hours of it.  
  • Parish Church of St. Valentino, “mother” Church of Tredozio. It was founded in 562 with the title of Parish. It was rebuilt with three naves in 970 and then refunded in 1863 in the current place. Since 1752 it has lost the title of Parish.        
  • Monastery of SS. Annunziata, since 1986 owned by the Municipality of Tredozio, it is located north of the village entrance, on the left for those coming from Faenza. It probably dates back to 1060. The ground floor of the building and the ex Church, restored thanks to a sizeable investment of the Superintendence of Ravenna, houses concerts, events and in winter the Christmas Cribs exhibition. The restoration is still in progress. The building is characterized by the imposing size and horseshoe construction overlooking the mountain and the courtyard. 
  • Chiesa della Beata Vergine delle Grazie e della Compagnia del Sacramento (Church of the Company of the Holy Sacrament and of Blessed Virgin of Grace), located in Via XX Settembre, it can be visit. Built in the fourteenth century and dedicated to St. Giovanni Battista, in the second half of 1500 it was enlarged and the current brick façade was built. The most significant enlargement was carried out at the beginning of 1700. At the end of the Napoleonic era it housed the sacred furnishings gathered in other Churches by the French fury. In 1900 the interior of the church was restored and the brick facade was raised and dressed in stone. It preserves the Tuscan school “Annunciation” of the end of 400 and the “Sacred Hearth of Jesus” by Silvestro Lega.  
  • Church of St. Maria in Ottignana, 2 km from Tredozio, following the panoramic road that leads to Tramazzo river and San Benedetto in Alpe. Early documents about the Church date back to 1181. The building was badly damaged by the earthquake of 1781, and then rebuilt on its remains in 1786. Inside it can be seen a tempera painting "Madonna col bambino" from the 15th century and the interesting ceramic decoration of the altar.  
  • Palazzo Fantini, located on the main street, characterized by the presence of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries buildings, was erected before the 500.
  • The current appearance dates back to 1750, with small rural work museum and charming Italian garden of 800.
  • Castellaccio: Ruins of the ancient castle of Tredozio, is located a few minutes walk from the centre of Tredozio, on the top which still dominates the valley. From the path that leads to the "Castellaccio" you can see Tredozio from an unusual view.
  • Lago di Ponte – Fonte del Bepi: It can be reached from Scarzana, 5 Km from Tredozio, through 300 meters of gravel road, after travelling 2 km from the Provincial road of Tramazzo. Created in 1962, following the construction of an artificial barrier along the Tramazzo stream, between the Fosso Moino and Valdania, it is included in the Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna. From the Ponte Lake it start the path n. 8 of Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi (circular route of about 3.5 km – difference in height: 200 meters – travelling time: 2 hours). Environment perfectly preserved. Near the lake large equipped pic-nic area.
Typical restaurants and taverns offer tastings of the excellent local cuisine.
  • 6th January - EPIPHANY PARADE AND BONFIRE: Parade through the streets of the town with the puppet of the Epiphany which is then burned in the bed of the Tramazzo stream followed by the sound of the band and / or fireworks.
  • Easter and Easter Monday - THE EGG FESTIVAL AND COMPETITION : Main moments of the festival: the traditional “battering” of the eggs and the national championship of hard-boiled eggs eaters. During the festival exhibitions (handicraft, artistic, photographic), shows with street performers, games that involve the public (the classic fishing in the big egg, the pentolaccia); tastings of typical products (all with egg) at the food stalls of the Pro Loco: tagliatelle, frittate and desserts. THE EGG COMPETITION: It takes place on Easter Monday. The conquest of the competition, which renews the annual challenge between the 4 districts is preceded by an historical parade in medieval costume. Main protagonist is the egg, both raw and hard-boiled. 
  • 2nd Sunday in May: THE SAINT PATRON FEAST: The Patron Saint of Tredozio is the Beata Vergine delle Grazie (Blessed Virgin of Grace). In addition to the many religious events we organize a bonfire on the banks of the river. 
  • 26th July- FAIR OF ST. ANNE: Once the celebration coincided with a livestock exhibition. Nowadays stall market in the streets of the town. 
  • SUMMER IN TREDOZIO: Musical and dancing entertainments, shows, food stalls, raffle, games organized by the Pro Loco and local associations. When: August 
  • MUSIC – ENVIRONMENT REVIEW: Jazz, classical, choral and chamber music concerts set in the most characteristic places of the town. When: July and August
  • 1st and 2nd Sunday in November – FAIR OF THE BARTOLACCIO: Village Fair dedicated to the flavors of the Tosco-Romagnola tradition and in particular to the "bartolaccio" (bartlàz), a typical “tortello” made of boiled potatoes, bacon, grana and pecorino and cooked on a hot griddle. During the fair, market, food stalls, live music and shows.
  • EXHIBITION OF CRIBS: Christmas period (8th December - 8th January) in the Monastery of SS. Annunciata.

Via dei Martiri, 1 -  47019 Tredozio

0546 943937  - 0546 943921