RAVIGGIOLO The first historical records of the existence of this cheese dates back to the 1500's when some “raviggiolo” were brought as a gift to Pope Leo X, in a basket covered with ferns.
Pellegrino Artusi, in "Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well" cites the "cheese Raveggiolo" as an ingredient of the legendary "Cappelletti "
Raviggiolo (or Raveggiolo) is a typical white fresh cheese made ??from raw cow's milk , milk cattle.
 It has a round shapes sold in little baskets covered of ferns, or more rarely cabbage with a soft texture with a delicate flavor tender and sweet.
And the shelf life of raveggiolo is limited to a few days, maximum 3 and it is a product historically prepared in the months between October and March. The area of ??production is limited to the Apennines between the Savio valley and that of Tramazzo.