FOSSA PELLEGRINI - Sogliano Fossa Pellegrini is a family-run business situated in the historic centre of Sogliano al Rubicone, which has Malatesta period pits (1200-1400).
In addition to keep the methods of seasoning according to the tradition, it chooses from various local producers the best cheeses and certificates, for the production of a great Formaggio di Fossa (Pit Cheese), regulated by a strict disciplinary.
Consortium for the protection of Formaggio di Fossa (Pit Cheese) from Sogliano, it is one of the few Italian products with DOP seal. At the farm, tastings and visits of the Formaggio di Fossa Museum, part of the “Museums of taste”.


Via Le Greppe, 14 -  47030 Sogliano al Rubicone

0541 948542  - 0541 948542

339 1616148

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