FARM HOLIDAY DEI LUMI - Rocca delle Caminate

FARM HOLIDAY DEI LUMI - Rocca delle Caminate The Agriturismo dei Lumi, situated on the beautiful and scenic hills of  Meldola-Rocca Le Caminate-Predappio’s road,  is a structure that does not come from nothing: it is the seat of the famous Rocca delle Caminate winery,  run by Fabbri brothers, Luca and Michael, with the acronym LUMI which was in fact created from the initials of their names...
For visitors, the keen and the tester, the great wines based on Sangiovese (Sbargoleto, Vitignano and Bramabene) are associated  with the occasion of tasty the typical and healthy cuisine of Romagna.
Depending on the season, you can eat in the large dining room or in the charming panoramic balcony.
In any case, the view here is breathtaking: the rural farmhouse, lovingly restored, stands alone on a hill at 250 m above sea level, by dominating the Bidente Valley, with a view to the hills of Bertinoro and the sea. The site is therefore very suitable - for the context  wilderness and silence of nature - even for meetings and ceremonies.
The pleasant village (village of  Meldola), where is located the farm business, it is called Vitignano: a name ... that says all! It comes from the cultivation of wines, a practice known here since Middle Ages.. where now it is nice, right and natural to combine the kitchen and the flavors of the products of Romagna, our land!


Strada Rocca delle Caminate, 15 -  47014 Rocca le Caminate

0543 493482

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