FARM HOLIDAY LA CERRETA - Rocca San Casciano Calli farm borns on a large natural terrace in front of a charming view.
From grandfather Joseph, his son Francesco, to the nephew Stefano in 1990, the company Calli is passed from generation to generation enriching the production with love and attention to details, that each member of the family has been able to infuse.
The farm, of 200 acres, takes his name from “cerro”, a very common oak of the area on the border between Romagna and Toscana. Over six acres are devoted to vines, one hundred to organic agricultural production of other kinds and on the remaining land pastures and woods backdrop to this delightful site, ideal for reconciliation with oneself, genuine good food and nature.
Wines of "La Cerreta" 
They are wines that born 400 meters above the sea level from organic own grapes.
A passion that start on a half acre of original vineyard, and now we have over six ones.
We are at the limit of the classic area for Sangiovese of Romagna,  but these altitudes and these soils, mostly clayey-limestone with large amounts of sandstone, give the possibility to have grapes with a particular freshness and evident aromas, which transfer to the wine lively but noble tannins. Definitely a wine easy to drink but very special, typical of upland hill.
 "La Cerreta" also offers throughout the year, teaching and training, aiming to revitalize the relationship between man, nature and food by opening the doors to its goats and donkey’s herds.
The recovery of the donkey of Romagna
The "Romagna" is a breed of donkey native to the area, especially that of Forlì, that was dying with the mechanization of farm work.  Thanks to the efforts of a few breeders, including Calli, an action of re-stocking and reproduction of this specie has started . In 2000, the "Cerreta" started with three copies, now it owns 62 Objective farming - still in progress - will be producing milk for allergic children. In addition to the typical donkey of Romagna , we have even a herd of 34 goats. They can be seen from the entrance of the enterprise, running in farm. The organic terrain also produces wheat, barley, forage, pea, broad bean, barley, grapes, wood.
The Farm
The farm was founded in 2001. It includes catering and 4 apartments, for a total of 22 beds, elegantly furnished in rustic and minimal style. The hotel has a small spa area for the care of the body including turkish bath, the farmhouse is a real gem that makes a memorable stay in the company. The cuisine of the farm "La Cerreta" is characterized by traditional dishes of Romagna.
How to get there
In the province of Forlì, in the heart of Romagna, where stillness and force are the two faces of the same soul, there is Rocca San Casciano. It 'an ancient town in the valley of Montone, between the woods and the cool river, at the crossroads among Tredozio, Modigliana, Predappio and Strada San Zeno.
From the exit "Forlì" of  A14, follow signs for Castrocaro, Rocca San Casciano and Portico di Romagna. After 2,5 km. from the center of Rocca, turn right and continue for the company "La Cerreta," well signposted on the main road.


Via Nazionale, 36 -  47017 Rocca San Casciano

0543 951441

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