GROTTE DELLA MADONNINA - Cesena The mystical profane union - typical of Romagna tradition - finds himself in all the features of this farm, which is characterized by two caves in the spur on which the cottage overlooking the valley of Cesuola stands.
 You can find La Madonnina carved in the cave, in a niche of the cottage and in a cell at the end of the long road that connects Saiano to the valley floor.
The organic farm borns from the proven competences of real farmers, already fruit, wine and olive oil  growers.
Our hospitality is based on welcome, open and share our cottage. Comfortable lounges, a large porch and outdoor spaces that agree to sit down for nice dinners with our products, appetizing snacks and lunches of the tradition.
 Four bedrooms, wide and warm, are characterized for their history, before the restoration
each of them was occupied by a small animal from which they took their name: Woodpecker, Dormouse, Squirrel and Bee. 
The farm is surrounded by paths and trails suitable for trekking, Nordic walking and mountain-biking, Madonnina di Saiano is part of the route "Cesena to walk" and connects the farm holiday to the famous “Giro dei Gessi” (Tour of Gessi).