TURCHI MILL- Balignano di Longiano

TURCHI MILL- Balignano di Longiano The Oil Mill is located Balignano on the hills not far from the Via Emilia and not far from Cesena and Santarcangelo.
Its location, so close to the sea from which it receives beneficial influences and the altitude of the farm, make the area ideal for olives growing and for  the production of extra virgin olive oil of high quality.
The oil is cold extracted with antique granite millstones, a scrupulous attention to the production process has allowed the Turchi to achieve organic certification, the brand "QC" (Quality Controlled) and the brand "Made in Italy", which guarantees of seriousness and respect for this noble food.
The hills of Balignano are also ideal for the production of fruits and vegetables, hence the company's production of delicious jams, olive oil and wine and savor.


Via Balignano, 990 -  47020 Balignano di Longiano

0547 665566  - 0547 665555



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