CAPPELLETTI The Cappelletti of Romagna are a myth: it is the first handmade pasta that comes to mind citing the Romagna, the dish of the Christmas lunch, served with an exquisite capon broth but also popular in modern versions with meat sauce or with tomato.
The Cappelletti of Romagna are for tradition made by an “azdora”  that throws the dough and prepare them one by one.
Nobody knows how old is the tradition of Cappelletti, but there is an interesting testimony of  1811 when it was promoted an investigation of the traditions, customs, dialects and superstitions of rural residents. In the report , the prefect of Forlì writes that: "At Christmas time every family gets a soup of pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese which is called Cappelletti."  
Local tradition normally does not allow meat in the filling, even if this results in endless discussions between the customs of the various areas and zones of Romagna
Here the recipe of the Master of the masters of cuisine, Pellegrino Artusi:
Ricotta, or half ricotta and half cheese raviggiolo 180 grams
Half of the breast of capon cooked in butter, seasoned with salt and pepper, and finely chopped
Parmesan cheese 30 grams
Eggs, one whole and one red
Smell of nutmeg, a few spices, lemon peel for those who like it
A pinch of salt