SPOJA LORDA Traditional Romagna recipe made with the fresh hand made pasta, cooked in meat broth made with ingredients recycled from cappelletti lean.

For 6 people:
pastry: 300 grams of flour, 3 eggs.
For the filling: 200 grams of soft cheese (ricotta, casatella or even ricotta and raviggiolo); 100 gr Parmesan; 1 whole egg; pinch nutmeg
meat broth made with capon

Prepare a soft pastry with eggs and flavour. Roll out the dough into two equal layers rather thin. Prepare a stuffing similar to Cappelletti, mixing together 200 grams of soft cheese (ricotta, casatella, or raviggiolo) and 100 grams of parmesan cheese, 1 egg, a pinch of nutmeg. Mix well all the ingredients, then roll out the dough on one of the two sheets. Cover with the other the dough and pressed lightly to make adhere well the two surfaces. Cut the dough with the appropriate wheel cutter into squares of about 2 cm side and cook them in capon broth for a few minutes. Serve the pasta melted with freshly parmesan.

Wines to match: Romagna Sangiovese Doc
It packs in Brisighella traditionally the "spoja gross" which is a handmade pasta with the same ingredients of other pastries traditional Romagna (Cappelletti, noodles, noodles ...), but it is cut into small forms, small squares, filled with cheese squaquarone parmesan and left almost joined together, not separated as cappelletti or ravioli.
The women sewed the "spoja gross" when they did not have the time to prepare a stuffed cappelletti requiring more elaborate, or to use the remains of the pastry for cappelletti.