ROMAGNA'S DONUT The Romagna's donut, is the most common sweet and pleasing in Romagna, is distinguished from the others because it is ellipsoidal and has no hole. It is sprinkled with granulated sugar, which makes her very sweet and tasty, is accompanied by excellent red Cagnina di Romagna. Its preparation is very simple. Ingredients for the cake: 500 gr. of flour, 300 gr. sugar, 200 gr. butter, 3 eggs, a glass of milk, 1 sachet for 1/2 kg. flour baking powder, a bit 'of lemon zest, granulated sugar to decorate. Preparation: Mix the flour with the butter, margarine and lard liquefied, eggs, sugar and milk needed to obtain a consistent paste. Immediately after adding the yeast in the dough and the grated lemon rind. Grease a baking mold, preferably oval, settle the donut. Once positioned decorate it with a beaten egg yolk and granulated sugar. Bake in the oven, not too hot 170 ° for about half an hour. The dough can be varied or cocoa enriched with apple slices, raisins, chocolate chips.