FRIED TAGLIATELLE A plate of poor origins, born from simple ingredients and easy to find, such as eggs and flour, and that has strong roots in the tradition of Emilia-Romagna. A dish that mainstay of Bolognese cuisine, is deprived of its most important dress, one of the classic meat sauce, to embrace lemon zest and sugar becoming a tempting sweet carnival: fried noodles. Crispy, delicate and sticky, conquered for their taste of caramel, citrus and, in the final notes of rum. To define just one adjective: irresistible. The secret to avoid that they open in cooking is to roll up the dough in a rather narrow and to make the dough rest, once cut, to a good half hour. Happens this unfortunate event not fret, they will be taking quite artistic forms and perhaps will be a bit 'less beautiful to look at, but will remain equally pleasant.   On a pastry forms a mound of flour, the center fro the eggs and combine the rum. Whisk with a fork, gradually taking a bit 'of the surrounding flour and knead together until dough is smooth and homogeneous. Make rest half an hour inside a plastic bag, then roll it with a rolling pin into a thin sheet (just like noodles). Sprinkle the surface with the grated rind of lemons and the granulated sugar, then gently rolls up all in a lockout. Cut the roll obtained in strips about 1 cm, each washer you have obtained on a tray and make it dry for 30 minutes. Fry, a few pieces at a time, in plenty of hot peanut oil. When the noodles are golden, scolale with a slotted spoon and do dry on kitchen paper. Leave to cool and ends dusting with icing sugar.