LATTERUOLO (OR CASADELLO) It is a very delicate sweet that somewhere in Romagna, and perhaps elsewhere in Italy, the farmers bring a gift to the master for the feast of Corpus Christi. Milk, a liter. Sugar, 100 grams Egg yolks, n. 8 egg whites, n. 2. Smell of vanilla or confetti. Boil the milk with the sugar for an hour and an hour and a quarter if you are not very sure of its legitimacy. If you smell served confetti, adoperateli as indicated in the previous issue. Milk break from time to time the canvas with a wooden spoon, pass by a strainer for more precaution, and when it has cooled, stir well to the beaten eggs. Prepare a baking sheet lined with mad dough n. 153, place it as in the pudding of Romagna n. 702, pour the mixture, cook with fire under and over moderate heat and because Rosoli above, cover paper greased with butter. Wait until it is well diacciato to cut into almond paste pastry under like migliaccio said.