TRIFLE The trifle is a sweet old spoon, making his first appearance in 800. It 'a cake made of sponge cake, soaked in liquor as alchermes and liqueur, custard. His name there suggests a derivation from English cuisine, more precisely various sources agree Elizabethan period.


For the biscuit: 270 gr egg white; 250 gr granulated sugar; yolk 180 grams; flour 180 W (DB) 250 gr for the syrup: alkermes 70th gr 150; water 425 grams; liquid sugar 70 gr 425% for the filling: custard gr 800; chocolate pastry cream gr 800; whipped cream 400 gr; ground cinnamon 2 g; dark chocolate flakes 150 gr

Decoration: 245 gr egg white; dextrose 80 g; 420 gr granulated sugar; water 110 gr Preparation: Fitted with the whip in planetary egg white with sugar until the mixture is foamy and very compact Add the beaten egg yolks separately and then add the flour, stirring from the bottom up Molded into the desired shape on cookie sheet, sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake at 240 ° for 8-10 minutes Cook sugar and water to 121 ° C, then pour over egg whites that are already semi-mounted with dextrose; mounted until cool.